How to Drink?

How much wheatgrass juice should I drink?

It must be noted that the composition of wheatgrass juice differs significantly from other juices and it has a much more intense detoxing action than other fruit and vegetable juices. People new to taking wheatgrass should start by consuming 30 ml( one shot) a day. After a week, build this up to 60 ml (dobble shot) a day, which is two 30 ml servings taken at different times of the day. Over the next few months one can build up to 4 shots of wheatgrass juice per day.

It is hightly recommended to drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach, as otherwise one may experience nausea. After the wheatgrass juice is consumed, one should let it be digested for at least half an hour before eating. Remember Wheatgrass being a Super Food is completely assimilated in the body in 20 minutes.

The feeling of nausea can be combated by adding other juices to the wheatgrass juice, to reduce its taste of sweetness. Celery juice is an ideal partner, because it has a natural savoury taste due to its high levels of sodium. Other types of juice, like carrot juice and orange juice are highly recommended as well.

***Please Note, wheatgrass is often served with a slice of orange on the side. You can drink the shot and take the orange slice to enhance the orange taste.

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